Getting a Fair and Fast Cash Offer on Your House in Idaho

When selling a house, your main goal is to have a fair cash offer. Unfortunately, getting a fair cash offer is easier said than done when selling your home.

The short time you want to sell the house often makes you sacrifice a fair cost. Thankfully, this is just the norm, but not the exception. You can get a fair and fast offer for your house even when selling it for cash.

You need to inform yourself with the right tips to get fast cash fair offer. Read on to get more information.

seller agrees on the cash offer from the home buyer

What is a Cash Home Buyer?

When thinking about selling a house, one of the critical questions you ask is, what is a cash home buyer? A cash home buyer is somebody who buys your house outright with the money they have at hand. It means that they do not take a loan or a mortgage to buy the house.

Additionally, the buyer purchases the house for the price the seller listed the house. Generally, cash offers are lower than the total market value of a house. However, they have advantages, such as the home seller does not have to spend money, time, and resources to make a sale.

How Do Cash Home Buyers Work in Idaho?

The process of selling a house for cash in Idaho is easy. Idaho has a straightforward cash home buying process. 

If you are wondering, “how do cash home buyers work in Idaho?” Read below for more information on how we buy houses in Idaho.

  • Inform the buyer of the house you intend to sell. Get in touch with the buyer through an online search or by working with a wholesaler. After getting in touch with the buyer, inform the buyer of the location and state of your house.
  • Schedule an appointment. Schedule with the cash home buyers to come and see your house. Viewing the property helps them make a cash offer for your house.
  • Get a fair cash offer. After the buyers see your home, they give you a cash offer for your house. You can negotiate with them and eventually end up in a win-win situation.

What is the Process of Selling a House for Cash?

It is safe to say that selling your house for cash makes sense, especially if you have a deadline by which you need to sell the house. 

Wondering what the process of selling a house for cash is? Follow the steps below.

  1. You Sign the Contract

After you settle on an offer fair to you and the companies that buy houses in Boise, the first thing you do is sign the contract. Signing the papers is the process of completing the sale and an agreement for the house. 

The contract shows the terms and conditions that the buyer and seller have agreed on.

  1. Verify Proof of Funds

When selling your house for cash, expect the buyer to have the full amount in hand when you sell the house. For this reason, you need proof from the buyer that they have the total amount to buy your house. Proof comes in a few different ways, including asking for an upfront payment or a cashier’s check.

Otherwise, ask them for bank or investment statements showing they have the money for buying the house.

  1. Hire Title and Escrow Companies

Changing homeownership when you want to sell your house fast Star may extend the process of selling the house for cash. Additionally, you need an escrow company to help you complete the process. 

Therefore, hire an escrow and title company as soon as possible to shorten the selling process. 

The companies help you prepare closing documents, such as the transferring funds, and completing any legal work to finalize the cash house sale. You can also hire a company that handles both escrow and title matters since this may be cheaper.

  1. Review and Sign the Closing Documents

One of the main reasons you may have opted for home cash sales is because it involves less paperwork. Nevertheless, to make the process smoother, you need to complete closing documents. These documents include:

  • Certificate of title-  The document you sign to certify you are no longer the house owner.
  • Statement of information- A document you sign to claim you are who you say you are in the document.
  • Bill of sale- Outline any additional terms that you have agreed with the buyer.
  • Mechanics liens- The document swears no other liens from laborers and contractors concerning the house on sale.
  • HUD -1 settlement statement-  An accounting of all the money involved in the sale. It includes utility bills, sales prices, pay-off balances, and pro-tax, among others. Double-check this document before you sign or use a closing agent to make sure there are no errors.
seller calculating tax Tax When Selling a House for Cash

Do I Have to Pay Tax When Selling a House for Cash?

When selling a house, you need to account for taxes, which raises the question: do I have to pay tax when selling a house for cash?

Luckily, when selling a house for cash, you do not have to pay tax. It is one of the taxes you evade when you go out for a cash home offer for your house.

How Do I Get a Fair and Fast Cash Offer On My House?

As mentioned above, selling your house for cash does not always mean you sell your home at a discounted or unfair price. It is possible to make a fair and fast cash offer on the house you and the buyer want.

You might ask, ‘So how do I get a fair and fast cash offer on my house?’ 

  1. Work with a Real Estate Agent

When you have a real estate agent, they advise you on the best rate to sell your home based on its value. For instance, they help you answer the question: should you sell your house as-is

Additionally, they save you from mistakes that you could make when selling the home for cash.

  1. Check Out the Recently Sold Property

If you have no idea of the ideal cash offer for your house, a recently sold property can give you an insight. Check the price of homes of similar sizes and locations like the one you are selling.

You can ask your real estate agent or somebody who has recently sold their home. 

Another option is to find the best home buying companies and ask your questions here. That way, you are better positioned to give a worth cash price for your home.

  1. Use Your Gut to Judge Whether the Price Feels Fair

After investing a lot in the house you are selling, you know how much the house is worth. Even before you calculate the exact amount that your house is worth, you know the approximate amount.

Follow that information to help you get a fair cash deal. If the price a buyer offers you is way below the cash offer you had in mind, it is probably not a reasonable cash offer.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

When selling the house, you expect to make the highest amount possible from this sale. However, if the selling price you set is too high, it may end up causing more harm than good.

You are likely to scare away potential cash buyers if your home’s selling price is way above the market rate. Therefore, avoid going too far with the average price of homes in the area.


Selling your house at a fair price without getting ripped off is one of your main goals when selling your house for cash. Thankfully, making a fair and fast cash offer for your house in Idaho is possible even in the tight market.

Use the information above to understand better how cash home selling works and how to get a great deal out of it. Get in touch with us, and we shall help you make this process of getting a fair cash offer even easier for you.


Kevin is a real estate investor dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

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