foreclosure process in Idaho

Foreclosure Process in Idaho Explained and How It Affects Selling

Has your lender sent you a notice of default for your Idaho home? Are you having trouble paying off your monthly mortgage payments? If so, you need a better understanding of the foreclosure process in Idaho. In the guide below, you will learn about an Idaho foreclosure and the foreclosure laws surrounding your difficulty paying … Continued
cost to build a house in Idaho

The Average Cost to Build a House in ID

Are you having trouble finding your dream single-family home in the current Idaho housing market? If so, you should consider performing a new home construction and building your dream house instead. Yet, before you do so, you should find out the average cost to build a house in Idaho. Building a house in Idaho ranges … Continued
Cost of living in Boise Idaho

Cost of Living in Boise Idaho

The capital of Idaho and the county seat of Ada County, is one of the country’s fastest-growing towns, combining an extraordinarily low unemployment rate and a living cost that is comparable to the national average, plus convenience to some of the country’s most attractive recreational regions. Residents in Boise work in high-paying IT and corporate … Continued
Boise housing market statistics

Boise Housing Market Statistics

If you’re considering moving to or from Boise, Idaho, there are some housing market statistics you need to know. Boise’s real estate market is booming, making it difficult to buy and very lucrative to sell. Understanding the local real estate market trends ensures you’re prepared to navigate market difficulties before you make an offer or … Continued
Boise real estate market

Boise Housing Market Bubble?

If you want to buy a house in Boise, Idaho, studying current market patterns and looking ahead to the city’s future housing market can help you make an informed purchase decision. What have been the biggest real estate trends in Boise during the last year? Perhaps more crucially, how is the Boise housing market expected … Continued
Boise housing market trends

Housing Market Trends in Boise for 2021-2022

Before you buy a house, you need to know the housing market trends to understand when to buy, where to buy, and how much to sell your house for. Knowing the average asking price, the most desirable areas in Boise, and how to use a professional to help you get the most bang for your … Continued
Boise Housing Market (2022)

Boise Housing Market (2022)

Are you looking to buy or sell real estate in Boise, Idaho? If you need assistance with affordable housing in the Boise housing market, the information below will provide you with data on average and median home prices in Boise. You’ll learn about higher and lower home values and the best places in Boise for … Continued
Idaho Housing Market

The Housing Market in Idaho

Are you looking to buy a new home in Idaho? Do you want to find out more about the Idaho housing market? First-time homebuyers should learn about the top trends in the real estate market. Knowing the average home prices and sizes in Boise and other parts of Idaho is critical for anyone trying to … Continued
Places to Live for Families in Boise

Best Places to Live for Families in Boise

Are you looking to move your whole family over to Boise, Idaho? This large city has plenty of great neighborhoods for families to reside in. If you’ve sold your home and are ready to start looking for a new place to begin anew, check out the best places to live in Boise for families below. … Continued
city vibe in Boise

The City Vibe in Boise

According to Forbes, the Boise metro region is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a rush of younger millennials migrating to the “city of trees” for economic opportunities and greater quality of life. Boise and its nearby neighborhoods were the Northwest’s best-kept mystery for centuries. With a population growth expected to reach … Continued
selling a house that smells like smoke

Sell a House That Smells Like Smoke

Are you a smoker and looking to sell your home? Or are you a realtor who has to sell a house that smells like cigarette smoke? You’ll find that few home buyers are interested in getting a property that stinks of smoke. Selling a house that smells like smoke is not an easy task. However, … Continued
Guide to Selling a House in a Floodplain

Guide to Selling a House in a Floodplain

Does your home sit in a floodplain or amid a flood zone? Are you looking to sell your property despite the difficulty of selling a home in a high-risk flood zone? If so, you’ll benefit from learning the top ways to sell a house in a floodplain in this guide. First, it’s vital to understand … Continued
flooded house for sale

You Can Still Sell a Flooded House

Did your house get flooded, and you are looking to move to a better property? Even if you received compensation from your insurance company, it can feel impossible to repair your home.  When I tried to sell my flooded home, I followed several important steps that addressed the flooding. I also worked with a real … Continued
old house for sale in Boise Id

Selling an Old House in Boise

One of the most difficult choices to make when selling an old house is determining the cost of modifications before placing it on the market. Selling contemporary houses is simple since just a few innovative marketing and staging methods are required to entice the most profitable buyer. However, eccentric old homes have a lot of … Continued
house with negative equity in Idaho for sale

Selling your House in Idaho with Negative Equity

Selling your house on negative equity can be financially draining. Sometimes you may not even know you are in negative equity on your property. What should you do if you are looking to sell your home in Idaho with negative equity? The dream of selling your home for a profit may seem distant. But you … Continued
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