Best Ways to Increase Your Homes Value

Are you ready to sell your home and move somewhere new? When selling a house for cash or otherwise, you want to get the highest price possible for it. Your home may have some old and worn-out rooms, peeling paint on the walls, and spaces that look too small.

However, there are ways to fix all of these issues. To get a higher price when looking for cash home buyers in Idaho, you’ll need to follow our best ways to increase home value such as performing home improvement projects, working on your outdoor landscaping, and improving your home’s curb appeal.

Read the guide below to learn more about the best ways to increase home value. 

Use High-End Finishes

Use High-End Finishes

First, you might want to consider adding finishing touches to your house such as a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen, living room, and bedroom walls. Any real estate agent would recommend completing home improvements to increase the value of your home.

High-end finishing is one of the best ways to increase home value. To learn more about the finer details of home renovation, you may want to hire an interior designer or a real estate agent to consult on your property. These experts could outline the best placement for your furniture and the right paint colors to use on your walls, including neutral colors.

Further, you’ll want to get an inspection done to ensure everything is in great shape. You might find some minor plumbing issues or a broken doorknob that needs fixing before you work with a realtor to put your house on the market. For example, you might need to renovate your faucets or remodel your countertops with some finishing touches.

Add Space with Extensions

Adding space to your home is essential when trying to increase its value. You can do so by decluttering your house. You’ll need to create a minimalist feel to your home by reducing the amount of furniture and removing waste from your house.

The resale value of your property can increase by adding space to your living area, which can lead to a 10 percent growth in home value. Some other ways to add value to your house with extensions include:

  • Building an extra bedroom
  • Increasing the size of your kitchen
  • Converting the loft
  • Building another bathroom

These steps can bring more value to your place, including the low-cost actions of decluttering and minimizing the amount of furniture. 

Use Energy-Efficient House Features

Creating an energy-efficient home with efficient appliances and low energy costs will surely increase home value. Achieving efficiency involves installing systems that will allow you to market your house as a smart home. For instance, you may want to install a smart thermostat that will better regulate the heating in your home to reduce energy costs.

Homeowners today are also interested in purchasing homes with solar panels as a way to reduce their impact on global warming and cut their utility bills. 

The never-ending growth in energy costs and greater environmental awareness of the typical buyer lead them to seek properties with energy-efficient renovations and upgrades.

The first step you’ll want to take is to obtain a home energy score from a reputable energy rater. You’ll want to upgrade your windows and install energy-efficient water heaters and home appliances. Window renovations can help save money on energy use by reducing the amount of heating needed. The best windows will keep the heat indoors.

You also should consider energy-efficient home automation platforms like a smart thermostat to reduce energy costs and use. Before you put your home on the market, see if you can refinance to an energy-efficient mortgage, which lowers the costs of environmentally-sound upgrades. 

New Kitchen and Bathroom

New Kitchen and Bathroom

Do you have a small kitchen or a bathroom with old-fashioned faucets? When staging your house for a quick sale, minor kitchen renovations and a low-maintenance bathroom remodel can have a major impact on property value. 

Experts state that remodeling your kitchen and bathroom can increase your home’s value by up to 10 percent. Even when you’re not planning on selling your place right away, renovating the bathroom and a kitchen remodel are great ways to invest in home equity and boost the value of your house.

Some features are more likely to result in extra home value, such as a kitchen island or a bar. You can also improve light fixtures and install stone veneer countertops. You’ll get a good return on investment if you remodel your bathroom by installing quality tiles and completing grouting. A power shower or bathtub will probably increase property value.

In the kitchen, you may want to improve the hardwood floors and remove scratches from them. When you need to make home upgrades and remodel your kitchen or bathroom on a budget, you’ll want to at least update the tiles and grouting in the two rooms. 

Before you replace any tiles, give them a good cleaning and scrubbing to see if you can remove the grime and make them look good as new.

Add in Smart Technology

Add smart technology to your home if you want to increase your house’s value. This includes installing systems like:

  • Smart TV
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart washing machine
  • Other smart home appliances

You can also add smart energy meters to reduce energy costs and increase home value. Smart home systems provide full home automation, which potential homeowners love. For example, a smart home can ensure residents utilize appliances like a smart coffee machine. As such, they can enjoy a hot mug of coffee first thing in the morning without touching a button.

Research from Coldwell Banker and Vivint Smart Home shows that smart homes and home automation are in high demand and tend to boost property values. Today, homeowners in the United States prefer voice control over other types of automation protocols and smart devices.

Both millennials and those in Generation X are looking for smart technology while as much as 26 percent of baby boomers already use voice-activated devices. Users tend to like voice-controlled tools because they are easy to use and more intuitive. 

Consider getting an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to attract more buyers and increase the value of your property.


To boost the cost of your home, make sure to remodel the kitchen and bathroom, install energy-efficient appliances, and add some high-end finishes. You can also declutter your place to increase space and place smart technology systems in the house.

Once you’ve remodeled your home and started staging it for a quick sale, you may still struggle to find buyers. You might also find the long process of waiting on loans and inspections unbearable. If you do, you might want to find cash home buyers in Idaho to bypass the need for homeowners with loans.

Selling a house for cash is the way to go. Gem State Cash Offer could be a great group for those looking for someone to buy their house in Nampa. These real estate investors at the company make the process quick and easy. 

However, you should consider remodeling if you’re looking for the largest possible price for your home. Whatever you decide, we buy houses in Boise with a cash offer, which means you can bypass working with lenders. To make the most out of the sale, make sure to remodel your home.


Kevin is a real estate investor dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

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