Staging a Home for a Quick Sale in Idaho

If you are looking to sell your home quickly in the Idaho real estate market but your selling process feels slow, consider home staging. Home staging is one of the most proactive and efficient ways to entice buyers into making an offer, raise the final sale price, and sell quickly. 

Selling a home is a complex process that requires not only that the home is in good condition in terms of cleanliness and repairs, but also that it is put on the market at the right time. Since the market is constantly changing, the one surefire way to push a fast sale is to increase its curb appeal to buyers as much as possible. This can be done through home staging, either by yourself or through a professional staging company.

To learn more about staging tips for a home that gives the best first impression, follow the tips below!

Researching How Competition is Staging Their Houses

Researching How Your Competition is Staging Their Houses 

One of the most important things to understand before diving into the home staging process in order to achieve a quick sale is finding out what the competition is doing. Researching regional, statewide, and neighborhood competitions will help you get a clear idea of the following:

  • Whether you should stage your home or hire a staging company
  • How many rooms and areas you should stage
  • The general style that should be replicated throughout your home with staging
  • How much you should pay or spend on home staging
  • Is a professional home stager worth the cost?

Knowing how others are staging their houses will help you stage a house for a quick sale. A few of these reasons include:

  • Over 90% of staged houses sell in around 29 or fewer days
  • Staged homes make the buyers feel cozy and welcoming
  • Buyers can more easily imagine themselves living in a house that has been staged
  • Staging can enhance the beautiful features of the home and remove focus from any less attractive attributes that the seller doesn’t want to highlight
  • Selling an aesthetically pleasing home is much easier than selling an ugly house

Highlighting Your Home’s Best Features

The next piece of advice for staging a home for quick sale in Idaho is to highlight your home’s very best features. This can mean many things. For instance, you may want to hang window-framing curtains in a living room that may become too bright with direct sunlight. You may also break up large open-concept spaces with beautiful furniture pieces to display the versatility of the room. 

Adding indoor greenery can also highlight your home’s best features to inspire home buyers. Particularly placed healthy plants can give the home a sense of coziness and airiness that appeals to buyers. Buyers prefer homes that can bring the outside in, especially in houses with little yard space or fewer sprawling landscape views. 

Some more ideas for home sellers on how to highlight your home’s best features to wow home buyers when staging your home include:

  • Put large vases of flowers on a table to highlight in the dining room or entryway
  • Hang a few coats in large closets to show depth and size
  • Install paintings on large bare walls 
  • Add curtains in large windows to create an air of coziness
  • Light a fire in the fireplace to create warmth in the winter
  • Furnish with light patterns and colors to create a sense of space
  • Furnish a guest room, child’s room, and master bedroom to differentiate room uses
  • Turn your finished or partially finished basement into a staged game room so the home buyer can envision its potential
  • Declutter and remove any of your personal items that a new tenant won’t want to see

Make it Smell Like Home 

Another excellent way to stage your house or property for a quick sale is to make it smell like home. Utilize delicious fragrances for your house and create a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere that potential home buyers will get drawn to. 

The smell is considered one of the most powerful senses when it comes to memory and pleasant feelings of happiness. If your house smells good during an open house or walkthrough, a buyer is more likely to both remember it and put in an offer.

Some ways to make your house smell inviting include:

  • Doing a load of laundry or use air freshener to freshen the air 
  • Lighting beeswax candles to remind someone of a warm fall day
  • Baking cookies in the kitchen
  • Spraying the home with lavender spray
  • Adding bouquets of freshly picked fragrant flowers in the summer
  • Placing pine cones and branches throughout the home during the wintertime
  • Boiling orange peels, apples, and cinnamon on the stove for a warm smell on a cool day

This technique will impress individual home buyers and real estate agents. It also makes the house stand out to companies that buy houses in Boise or other large cities in Idaho.

Make Your House Feel Homely 

In addition to making your home smell amazing, making your house feel homely will also help improve your staging for a quick home sale in Idaho. A buyer is more likely to put an offer for a new home if they are feeling welcomed, safe, and comfortable while seeing the inside of the house.

To make a house feel homely and bring comfort and joy to your prospective buyers, consider doing some of the following:

  • Introduce luxurious neutral color textiles like couch cushions, curtains, throw pillows, and blankets throughout the home
  • Cover tile and wood floors with detailed area rugs
  • Make sure you have a welcome mat both inside the foyer and on the front door as well as at any doors leading to the backyard
  • Light candles and a fireplace if there is one
  • Opt for fabric and upholstered couches and armchairs rather than wood or leather
  • Introduce warm lighting and paint colors
  • Keep the heat on to a comfortable temperature or the air conditioner on if it is extremely hot outside

All of these fun tricks will help you sell your house fast in Kuna and other parts of Idaho regardless of the season.

Make Your Open House a Fun and Happy Environment 

When staging a home for a quick sale in Idaho, it is imperative that you make your open house fun and happy place to be. A bright and fun environment makes running the open house easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Some of the most popular and successful ways to make your open house feel less like work and more like an afternoon party are:

  • Offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to those who attend
  • Have snacks and desserts available on the countertop
  • Offer gift grabs like soap, candies, or bottles of hot sauce for potential homeowners to take home
  • Play music on a stereo or hire a musician to add some life to the home
  • Hold a contest or raffle for everyone who attends
  • Invite people to participate in games as they view the home

Whether you decide to fix up or sell your house as-is, these ideas are sure to turn your open house into a fun environment that reflects positively on your home.

house staged uniquely

Do Something Unique with Your Staging 

Having unique staging will surely catch the eye of anyone who is considering making an offer on your home. While most home staging techniques can begin to feel basic, boring, or a little bit outdated, mixing in unique and contemporary staging can make your home look unforgettable. 

To stage your house for a quick sale when selling your house, consider doing something unique with your home styling such as:

  • Playing with monochromatic color schemes in each room
  • Mixing and matching patterns and prints for a wild retro pop of color
  • Giving every room in the house its own theme
  • Focusing on one or two rooms and leaving the rest up to buyer interpretation and imagination
  • Playing with only one color palette throughout the entire home
  • Breaking rooms up with unique furniture pieces in untraditional placement

Make Your House Airy and Bright 

Similar to making your house smell good, a home that is airy and bright brings a sense of happiness to any potential buyer who walks in. An airy, bright, and open space with a lot of natural light and a lovely cross-breeze will make your home feel spacious and clean rather than stuffy and small.

Consider using the following tricks in your home for sale:

  • Open all of the windows on a good weather day
  • Raise all blinds and shutters
  • Open or remove all curtains from your windows
  • Turn on floor and ceiling fans
  • Open the doors to let more light and airflow in
  • Opt for clean white linens and tablecloths
  • Turn on the light fixtures in your home, even during the day
  • Move any tall shelves or furniture pieces that block light or create barriers to open spaces

Staging and Selling Your Idaho Home Quickly and Easily

Whether selling your home to an individual potential buyer or to a company that wants to buy your house in Idaho, better staging will make the entire home selling process easier and painless for you and your family.

To sell your home as fast as possible in Idaho, research how competition stages their homes, make your home smell good, make sure your house is bright and airy, consider staging in a unique way, highlight your home’s best features, make your home a fun environment, and make sure your home is a cozy place to be.


Kevin is a real estate investor dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

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