Best Places to Live for Families in Boise

Are you looking to move your whole family over to Boise, Idaho? This large city has plenty of great neighborhoods for families to reside in. If you’ve sold your home and are ready to start looking for a new place to begin anew, check out the best places to live in Boise for families below.

The real estate in Boise has plenty of choices, from condos and townhouses to single-family homes in some of the best neighborhoods nationwide. You will need to pick a family-friendly Boise area with great schools. Find out which school district is best for your kids. 

You will love living near the Boise River and numerous biking trails with plenty of outdoor activities. Homeowners also benefit from the low crime rates. The city of trees has a big-city feel with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, but the natural beauty also provides a more relaxing suburban feel.

Now, let’s get started and learn about the best Boise neighborhoods. 

Places to Live for Families in Boise

Best Places to Live in Boise for Families of 4

If you have a couple of children, the Boise area is a great place to raise the kids. Nearly every neighborhood has a good elementary school and an excellent school district. The median home price in Boise, Idaho, is $567,800 for single-family homes.

Some of the best places to live in Boise for families of four include:

  • The Highlands
  • The East End
  • Central Hills
  • Boise Heights
  • The Quail Ridge
  • The Harris Ranch
  • The North End

If you’re looking for great public schools, then the Highlands is where to go. The area is great for families and includes plenty of excellent housing options. You’ll find lots of outdoor activities, a fun nightlife, coffee shops, and restaurants at Highlands.

The East End has a more suburban feel with a great school district and a strong job market. However, the cost of living on the East End reaches high levels. The housing options are excellent, with most people owning their homes. 

Central Hills doesn’t have the best cost of living nor the best diversity throughout the neighborhood. Nonetheless, the Boise area has a good job market and great public schools. If you’re looking for a superior junior high school or a great high school, check out Central Hills. You’ll love the many outdoor activities, too.

If you’re looking for easy access to great restaurants and an easy commute with a strong job market, consider moving to Boise Heights. Yet, diversity, housing options, and cost of living are not the best in that neighborhood. About one out of three residents rent their homes.

The Quail Ridge has decent housing, a good commute, and plenty of outdoor activities to pursue. You’ll also find a great high school and other good public schools. If you’re looking for golf courses, the neighborhood does have the Quail Hollow Golf Course.

The Harris Ranch neighborhood has the feel of a small town with friendly people, well-maintained streets, and low crime rates. You can pick a new home since the housing options have high rankings and affordability. 

The North End has better diversity and is great for families. Here you can experience a fun nightlife, an easy commute, and plenty of fitness opportunities.

Best Places to Live in Boise for Families with Teenagers

If you have teenagers to raise, consider moving into the following neighborhoods in Boise with a great high school in each one. 

  • Meridian
  • Southeast Boise
  • McCall
  • Whittier in south Pocatello
  • Rexburg

If your teenagers aren’t keen on moving to Idaho, tell them all about the top five best neighborhoods in Idaho for teens. You should also mention how great downtown Boise is for teenagers and young adults. Your family can enjoy the many theaters and music venues, seafood restaurants, steakhouses, and more. 

Meridian has the top-ranked high school in all of Idaho. The neighborhood’s Renaissance High School even allows students to obtain a university-level associate’s degree and a high school diploma. Your teenagers can enjoy their time at Roaring Springs Waterpark or Wahooz Family Fun Zone.

Southeast Boise’s Timberline High School is the second-best one in the state. The students who complete their education at this high school are ready for college, and many go on to Boise State University. You’ll find plenty of single-family homes built in the 1940s and 1950s. The area has many hiking, biking, rollerblading, and skateboarding opportunities for teens.

McCall-Donnelly High School has the third-highest ranking in Idaho. McCall is a great neighborhood for teens due to its major Winter Festival and location right by the lake. Outdoor activities include swimming, boating, hiking, and camping. Teenagers can also find plenty of after-school jobs.

The Whittier neighborhood has the fourth-best high school in the state and more affordable homes priced at about $164,000. The high school has plenty of AP classes and a great outdoor club for your teens to join. 

In Rexburg, you can find Brigham Young University-Idaho and plenty of great activities for teens. For example, every summer, the neighborhood hosts the International Dance Festival with competitive dancing. Teens can participate in soccer or gymnastics and enjoy the national parks.

Essentially, neighborhoods in Boise and Idaho are excellent areas to raise teenagers.

Best Places to Live in Boise for Families Who Exercise Often

Does your family love to exercise and stay active? Do you love outdoor activities like swimming and hiking? Also, do you enjoy going to fitness centers? If so, there are plenty of great places to live in Boise for families who enjoy exercising regularly.

For instance, Boise neighborhoods have some of the best gyms you’ll find. You might want to check out the following gyms when picking the right neighborhood in Boise. 

  • Jack City Fitness
  • The Mecca Gym
  • Idaho Fitness Factory
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Grove Fitness Club & Spa
  • Downtown Boise YMCA
  • Pivot Lifestyle + Fitness by KA

Boise is also ranked as the 71st healthiest place to live in America on Niche. Some of the healthiest places to live in Idaho also include neighborhoods like Boise Heights, Central Hills, and Highlands. 

The city has many fun outdoor activities to participate in. Some of the best things to do in Boise for families include biking, camping, hiking, and boating on the Boise River. 

For instance, you can go on a bike ride on the beautiful Boise River Greenbelt. You can also enjoy going for a swim or fishing in the river. You can have a picnic in the many scenic areas of Boise.

You can also stay active and get your steps in by visiting the many attractions of Boise Idaho. Families and young professionals can visit the Idaho Botanical Garden or the local zoo and aquarium. The botanical garden has 50 acres of land to stroll through and enjoy the variety of plants and greenery.

Along with regular exercise, families in Downtown Boise can also find healthy foods at the Boise Farmers Market. Farmers and merchants sell locally grown foods with various fruits and vegetables. You can also find cheeses, meats, and fish at the market.

If you move your family to Boise, you will find that the city provides plenty of opportunities for exercise and living a healthy life. 

Best Places to Live in Boise for Families Who Like to Socialize

Best Places to Live in Boise for Families Who Like to Socialize

Boise is a great place to live for families, retirees, and couples who enjoy socializing since it provides many attractions, fun nightlife, and a strong job market. For example, the neighborhood Central Bench has plenty of shops and restaurants to check out. 

You can also visit an escape room or take dance lessons at the Idaho DanceSport studio. The Hyde Park Historic District includes multiple trendy restaurants and shops.

Downtown Boise also has many activities like hockey games, street art, a beer garden, and live music. For instance, the Treefort Music Festival lasts five days and plays various tunes, including live jazz. Your family can also enjoy the warm springs in Idaho.

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Have you figured out the best neighborhood in Boise to move your family? If so, you’ll want to get a local real estate agent who knows the city and can help you pick the right home. Your family will have a great time living in Idaho, and your kids will get an excellent education. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place to raise your family, work, and enjoy nature. 


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