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Why Won’t My House Sell In Idaho?

Are you having a problem selling your house in Idaho? When it comes time to sell your house on the open market, it’s impossible to tell exactly how the process will go. You could price your house according to market values, do all the necessary repairs and upgrades, and hold as many open houses as possible, and you still might end up with a house that doesn’t sell. Now you’re on the hook for all the costs that come with a house that’s sitting on the market and the eventual knowledge that when you do sell, your real estate agent is going to take a commission fee out of the sale price. 

Of course, you can avoid all of this hassle and time by just selling your house as-is to a cash buyer like Gem State Cash Offer. We will make you a fair offer in as soon as 24 hours and we’ll give you cash for your house in its current condition. We can even close in a matter of days if that’s what you want, it’s entirely up to you. 

But if you prefer to give it a go on the housing market, there are some possibilities you’ll want to explore if your house is listed for six months, nine months, or even a year. Let’s answer the question, “why won’t my house sell in Idaho?” 

Is Your House Not Selling In Idaho?

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You Didn’t Price It Right

If you’re trying to figure out why no one wants to buy your house in Idaho, the first place to look is at your listing price. There’s a good chance that your price isn’t speaking to market buyers the way that you were hoping. That’s especially the case if your house is in good condition, has a nice location, and is otherwise a real charmer. More often than not, market sellers will overprice their homes in order to try to maximize potential profits, but in doing so they scare off potential buyers who don’t want to deal with a dollar amount too rich for their wallets. You might assume that buyers are going to try to negotiate that price down, and they will, but they don’t really want to start from a price that feels way too high. You want to get the most you can for your house when you sell it in Idaho, but there’s a balance to be struck between making money and attracting the right buyers. 

Take a look around the neighborhood and see what similar homes are selling for. That will give you a good sense of how market buyers see your Idaho house as well. Also, look at what you’re competing with on the market and think about how you can price your house to be a little bit cheaper or more competitive. That can make a huge difference, especially if a market buyer is looking for a good deal. 

Your House Is an Acquired Taste

Have you considered that the reason your house isn’t selling in Idaho is because it’s just a bit unique? That can create difficultly in trying to sell a house quickly anywhere. Your house may be a little out of step with the rest of the neighborhood in terms of architecture or modernity. If the house doesn’t share the look and feel of the other homes around it that can have a negative impact in the eyes of buyers. 

If you have an extremely large or particularly small house, you’re offering something with very specific demands of buyers. Not everyone is going to want a house like that. If the house is located in an isolated region of Idaho or has lots of quirky furnishings or fixtures, that’s all going to factor into the sale. 

You’ve got a few choices. You can try to hype up the uniqueness of your house and use it as a positive. You can be okay with letting your house sit on the market for as long as it takes to find that right buyer. Or you can cut out all the middlemen and waiting and sell directly to a cash buyer right now. 

You Haven’t Set The Stage

You’ve likely heard about how important staging is in a market home sale. Many real estate agents will tell you that staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that do not get staged. The reason? Buyers don’t want to see what it looks like for you to live there, they want to see what it will look like for them to live there. A house full of your family photos and memorabilia can make it hard for market buyers to see your house as their home. 

So if you haven’t, consider hiring a home stager as well as a professional photographer. They’ll come in a remake the vision of your house to appeal to a wide array of potential Idaho buyers. This could mean putting a lot of your furniture and personal items in storage, so consider that cost as well. Pro photos will make a huge difference in your home listing as well. 

You Curbed Their Enthusiasm

We spend a lot of time talking about how to make the interior of your house look better to make it easier to sell fast. But how your house looks on the outside will have a huge impact on how fast it sells as well. Curb appeal is very important when selling on the open market because you need to make passersby want to stop and take a closer look when they drive past. It’s about painting a picture of the whole property and making the best first impression possible. 

You want to make sure the lawn is always mowed, the fences are painted, the landscaping looks fresh, and the garage is clean. Consider adding some splashes of color wherever possible as well. These are all additional costs but if you’re going to sell on the open market you have to consider the costs that make sales more possible. 

You Timed It Wrong

Ask ten people when the best time to sell your house in Idaho might be and you might get ten different answers. It’s generally accepted that spring is the ideal time to list a house while spring and summer are the best times to sell. But that’s not always the case and a lot of it depends on your house, it’s location, and what your “customer” looks like. Are you selling a single-family house that a family with young kids would love to buy or are you selling an apartment in Idaho perfect for a solo buyer? These all factor into the right times to sell your Idaho house. 

The truth is that you may have mistimed things. Or perhaps the housing market made a wrong turn and you’re paying the price. There’s only so much you can control and oftentimes the housing market shifts before you realize it’s too late and you’re stuck with a house on the market for months. 

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Consider Selling As-Is

Why won’t your Idaho house sell? As you can see there are lots of reasons. The solutions to those problems often cost a lot of money, and as we said, that’s no guarantee you’ll sell any faster. Plus, you’re looking at real estate agent commissions, closing costs, and questionable buyers who can back out anytime. 

A great way to avoid all the time, hassle, and costs is to sell your house as-is right now to Gem State Cash Offer. We will buy your house as-is, so you don’t need to make any repairs or clean up. We will make you a fair cash offer within days, often as fast as 24 hours from the time you contact us. We will buy your house fast and we will give you cash for it. We’ll close on your schedule, so we can close in a matter of days or you can take your time. We want you to feel comfortable and we want you to not have to worry about why you can’t sell your Boise house anymore. Contact us today and get your no-obligation offer!


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