Selling a House with Lien Against it in Idaho

Do you want to sell your house? Is the property lien preventing you from doing so? Are you looking for an easier way to get out of debt? Well, look no further. Gem State Cash Offer will help you achieve this. We will provide you with the ins and outs of selling a house with a lien against it.

You are better off putting up your house for sale rather than waiting for the creditor to seize the property through foreclosure. You stand a better chance of plowing back the money you invested while acquiring the property. Creditors may underestimate the property’s actual value because they are only interested in getting their money back. 

Avoid tainting your credit score, which may prevent you from getting loans or financing. Below, you will get to learn about how to sell your house with a lien against it.

what is a Property in Lien

What Is a Property in Lien?

A property lien is the right creditors have over your assets if debts are not paid within the stipulated time frame. In most cases, your house is the most significant asset that belongs to you. Therefore, property liens are often used to clear off debts. 

Moreover, creditors use property liens as collateral for the money they give out to you. Property liens give lenders the right to seize your home and sell it; this allows them to get back the money lent out to you. The liens prevent homeowners from selling their homes. First, you’ll want to settle the money you owe.

Liens play a significant role in the acquisition of vehicles and property. A written agreement between the creditor and buyer is made, clearly highlighting the settlement of the loan. At times, you may be issued a court order to place a property in a lien. This is mainly because of legal action. 

However, property liens constitute a significant deterrent when it comes to selling your home. It stalls the process; the property can only be sold once you consolidate the funds. You can also be able to make the sale once you reach an agreement with the creditor amicably. 

Tax Lien Laws in Idaho

Tax liens prevent you from buying or selling property. You must first clear your tax lien. This will clear your property title, thus allowing you to buy and sell the property as you please. It is worth noting that tax liens are incorporated into your tax report, thus lowering your credit score. A low credit score is a significant setback as you will not be able to get any loans or financing. A clear title makes the home selling process easier.

The validity of a tax lien is five years. However, this may change if a continuation is filed within the five-year window. Continuations filed consecutively often prompt the indefinite validity of the tax lien. 

The ability of a creditor to seize assets under a judgment lien in Idaho is governed by several factors. For instance, the fixed amount of value is off-limits if the asset happens to be the borrower’s primary residence. Also, any bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings and other liens that might be in place.

The tax laws that govern Idaho provide these continuations until such a time when payments are made in full. This is reflected in all liens apart from child support, which does not expire.  

When a creditor files a legal claim against your property to claim their debt, the IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in return. Through the department of revenue, the IRS files this to assure the creditor that a secured claim has been lodged against the property owner. IRS liens payments should be made before placing your house for sale. This is a significant setback as other financing agencies may access the notice and incorporate it into your credit report.  

However, you can avoid all these complications. All you need to do is to ensure that you send the total payment to the tax commission on the date indicated on your Notice and Demand letter. Start by looking for companies that buy houses Idaho residents with liens are trying to sell and determining creative ways to sell a house.

Can You Sell a Property in Lien in Idaho?

You can sell your property in Idaho despite it being in a lien. Although going in, you should be extremely cautious. You may encounter a couple of setbacks along the way, which may cause you to lose money. For instance, if you are restrained from selling the house by the lender. 

Moreover, you have to go through tedious and rigorous legal and financial processes before getting your property on any listing. You need to resolve all the issues revolving around the said property first. 

Can you sell a house with a lien on it? Gem State Cash Offer will help you get things on track. They specialize in selling homes with lien Idaho. They have vast experience and will make the whole process seamless for you. They will help you make the sale with key methods of selling a property, and this is regardless of the current state of your house.

Use House Sale for Repayment

Repayment of debt is of the utmost importance in Idaho. Debts often overwhelm people. It is a challenging position to find yourself in between the mortgage payments and the repayments of tax liens. You might end up losing your house in the process and ruining your credit score entirely. 

In such a situation, the best option would be to put up your house for sale. Besides, the foreclosure and repossession of assets may already be around the corner, especially if you have defaulted in making the monthly installment payments. Selling your home before this gives you the upper hand. 

However, selling your house may not be as easy as it sounds. You need to set aside a lot of money and time before making the sale. This helps make upgrades and renovations. You may either list your home and indicate it is on sale or look for a cash home buyer. Fortunately, we buy homes Nampa residents with liens are selling.

Sell House to Cash Home Buyer

There are plenty of cash home buyers Boise residents can sell to. However, you need to make the sale quickly as your home may be placed under foreclosure before you make the sale. Besides, cash home buyers buy the property in its current state. There is no need for you to source extra income to renovate the house. You also get to bypass the realtor commission fee through this method. 

Cash home buyers make their payments in cash. In most cases, they can match the sale price. This means that the whole transaction can be finalized within a week. There, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy buyer who will complete the transaction before your house is placed under foreclosure. 

It is evident that placing your home in any listing is quite expensive and requires a lot of time. The house’s previous owner will have to incur closing costs to cater for the renovation and home inspection fees. You are better off selling your home to a cash buyer. You get to avoid these complications. 

A House With A Lien Attached to it for sale

Sell House As-Is with Lien Attached

Most people are stuck in their houses because of the lien attached. This often renders any moving plans futile. However, it is essential to note that you can put your house up for sale ‘as is” despite there being a lien or judgment against your property. 

To achieve this, you need to find an expert that will help you reach out to the lienholder. The expert will help you get the property tax lien lifted entirely or partially through negotiations. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were keen when interacting with the creditor. This will prevent you from giving out crucial information, which could potentially land you in more trouble.

There are various ways through which you can settle your lien payments. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to make these settlements before closing. One way of making the payment would be by paying off the HOA lien after selling the house. This will help get the internal revenue service off your back. 

The outstanding debt is deducted from the proceeds made after the sale of the house. This means that you do not incur any costs before the sale of the home. Also, a real estate attorney can help you negotiate with your creditor for a full or partial lien release. Besides, you also get to avoid making any unnecessary payments to a real estate agent.


It is vital to ensure that you stick to your payment plan, pay your mortgage lien on time, and keep tabs on them. Please do not get into an agreement with a creditor without having your legal representative go through it first. 

Property lien could lead to the foreclosure of your house if you are not careful. This will help you ensure that your credit report is squeaky clean at all times, thus, allowing you to get loans and financing from creditors. Defaulting in making payments taints your public record.


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