Selling A House With Unpermitted Work In Idaho

Are you looking to sell your home? Have you ever performed any improvements to your home without acquiring building permits? This could cause problems when trying to sell your home.

Unpermitted work can cause a variety of problems when trying to buy or sell a home in Idaho. Homebuyers will be less inclined to purchase a home that doesn’t meet the building code. If you need to sell your home, what should you do? 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to resolve your unpermitted work problem and sell your home. Keep reading below, and we’ll cover the issues associated with selling a house with unpermitted work.

House Seller Didn’t Disclose Unpermitted Work in Idaho

What if a House Seller Didn’t Disclose Unpermitted Work in Idaho?

You should avoid selling your home without disclosing any renovations to your real estate agent and potential buyers. This is an illegal practice and could cause serious repercussions for you after the sale. You might find yourself in court if you try to sell your home without disclosing your unpermitted renovations.

Trying to sneak unpermitted work through could threaten your sale and lower the value of your home. A home inspector that finds undisclosed work may require you to remove or replace the renovation before a sale goes through. This could cost you time and money. 

Most home buyers will not trust home sellers that do not disclose their unpermitted renovations. 

Advice for Home Buyers

  • If buying a home as-is, understand you may be responsible for any unpermitted work.
  • Unpermitted work can be a safety hazard due to poor construction that doesn’t meet codes.
  • You may be required to get new permits for the work once you purchase the home.
  • It can be easier to get a discount on the home. 
  • Acquiring financing and homeowner’s insurance can be difficult on these homes.
  • Contact a real estate attorney if you purchase a home and the buyer doesn’t disclose the condition of the home.

Remediating a House with Unpermitted Improvements in Idaho

Don’t let your unpermitted improvements ruin your chances of selling your home. There are plenty of ways to remediate a house with unpermitted improvements. While you may have to make new repairs and spend money, you won’t have to worry about selling a home that is unsafe or has unpermitted work. Here are some remediation suggestions for sellers that can make selling their homes easier. 

  • Remove any unpermitted work before a sale. 
  • Acquire retroactive permits for your renovations.
  • Repair and renovate so your work meets building codes.
  • An inspection can determine the extent of the unpermitted improvements before the sale.
  • Offer a discount on the sale for buyers.
  • Consider selling your home to investors or real estate managers. 
  • We buy homes Idaho has options that can help you sell your home.

Idaho Home Improvement Permit Laws

Are you planning home improvements for your home in Idaho? You will need a permit for most larger renovations, additions, and remodeling projects. From a new fence to basement renovations, you will need to acquire a permit for your project.

Extensive renovations can include but are not limited to demolition, structure construction, and substantial alterations to an already existing structure. Examples of renovations that will require permits include installing a fence, pool, new roof, electrical systems, and home additions.

Depending on your renovation project, you may need more than one permit. Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical projects will all need permits. Our advice, if you are not sure if a renovation needs a permit, you should consult with your town or municipality to determine if the remodeling project requires a work permit. This is the easiest way to avoid performing unpermitted work. 

Selling a House With Unpermitted Work in Idaho

Are you worried you won’t be able to sell your home that has unpermitted work? While it may be harder to sell, you have several options available that will help you sell your home. 

We encourage any seller to disclose any work they’ve performed on a home. From new kitchen floors to painting a bedroom, disclosing all your unpermitted modifications will create trust with your realtor and potential buyers. 

For more significant unpermitted renovations, acquiring retroactive permits can make selling your home easier. Having the proper permits will help you sell your home for a higher price than selling the home as-is. 

Just be upfront with your real estate agent and potential buyers, and you will still be able to sell your home. 

Disclose any Unpermitted Renovations and Remodeling

Selling a damaged house is possible, but you need to be upfront and honest about the home’s condition. Your best option is to disclose any renovations in your listing. This will allow you to sell the home as-is. Any potential buyer will understand the risk of purchasing your home.

Smaller renovations, including painting, floor installation, new countertops, landscaping, and minor electrical work, are acceptable. These types of projects don’t require permits and shouldn’t cause any problems when selling your home.

Even if your unpermitted additions were completed to code, you need to disclose this to any potential buyer. Don’t try to avoid disclosing all details concerning your home, no matter how well the work was done.

Unfortunately, if you have extensive renovations or additions that were performed without a permit, you may need to adjust the home’s value. Home inspectors may force you to dismantle or repair the unpermitted work before a sale.

Offering your home at a discounted price after disclosure could improve your chances of selling your home. It can also entice buyers that are hesitant to purchase an as-is home.

If you want to get the market value of your home, you can try acquiring retroactive permits for the work. While this could slow down your sale, it will ensure your home is safe to sell, and you’ll be able to get fair market value for the sale.

Retroactive Permits in Idaho

For more significant renovations, your best option may be acquiring retroactive permits for your renovations. It can be easy to pull permits for your projects retroactively.

Your city or county will provide permits for completed construction. Most retroactive permits will require home inspections to ensure the work meets your local building codes. Unfortunately, you may have to pay fines or penalties when acquiring retroactive permits.

This option gives you time to ensure your home meets building codes. Unfortunately, repairs take time and money. Once your permits are acquired and repairs completed, you should have no problem selling your home and getting a fair price for it. 

Selling a House with Unpermitted Work

Tips for Selling a House with Unpermitted Work in Idaho

How do you sell your home with unpermitted work in Idaho? While it may be a hassle, it’s not impossible to sell a house with unpermitted work.

Sell your Home to Investors or Real Estate Managers

If you need to sell your home fast or don’t want to worry about making repairs, there are creative ways to sell a house. Many investors can make offers in less than 24 hours and will pay cash for your home.

  • You won’t have to make any repairs to your home.
  • Don’t worry about acquiring retroactive permits.
  • You can receive a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.
  • Close on your schedule and when you are ready to sell.
  • There are no commissions or real estate fees with the sale.

Cash home buyers Boise has options that will help you sell your home.

Offer a Discount and Sell Your Home As-Is

You can still sell your home through a traditional realtor as well. You will need to disclose every unpermitted remodel and renovation. Full disclosure ensures the buyer understands they are buying a home as-is, and they will assume responsibility for the work.

Acquire Retroactive Permits and Perform Any Necessary Repairs

Of course, you can fix the unpermitted work. Your town can issue retroactive permits for any work completed on the home. Unfortunately, there may be fines or penalties associated with this process. A home inspector may require you to perform repairs on the work or replace the work. 

While this option is time-consuming and requires money, it will ensure your home meets all building codes. The increased value of your home can offset renovation costs. It is also one of the best ways to get fair market value for your home. If you are not in a hurry to sell, consider acquiring the permits and remediating the unpermitted work on your home.

Final Thoughts on Selling a Home With Unpermitted Work in Idaho

Most homeowners will perform many renovations on their homes. While it’s fine to paint or install new floors without a permit, most home renovations require a permit. Unfortunately, many homeowners will perform large projects without a permit. You now own a home with unpermitted work. 

This can quickly become a problem when selling the home. While it will be harder to sell a house with unpermitted work in Idaho, you do have options. 

  • Disclose any unpermitted work with your realtor and potential buyers
  • Sell your home to real estate investors.
  • Repair the unpermitted work and acquire the necessary permits.

Don’t stress too much about selling your home. Some buyers are interested in purchasing homes in any condition. Sell my house fast Kuna offers a variety of options for homeowners looking to sell their homes today. 


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