Selling a Home to Pay Off Debt? Do These 3 Things

Between September 2020 and September 2021, American mortgage debts climbed 7.6% to about $10.3 trillion. Mortgage debt represents more than two-thirds of total consumer debt in the United States.  Many Americans are struggling with debt, especially when it comes to mortgage payments. If you feel cornered by debt and are unsure where to turn, you … Continued

Squatters Rights in Idaho: Everything You Need to Know!

One of the drawbacks to being a landlord is dealing with squatters. Squatters have become a nuisance for landlords and people looking for roommates to help with the bills like rent, electricity, and property taxes that come with renting or homeownership.  A squatter is someone who occupies a building or portion of your property without … Continued

3 Big Signs Of Bad Foundation

For most people, a house is a significant investment. So whether you own a house and seek to maintain it or are in the market for one, it is crucial to know the signs of a damaged or faulty foundation. A bad foundation or foundation settlement is an issue that most house owners will face. … Continued

5 Things Not to Fix When Selling a House

If you’re planning to sell your house, one of your first questions will be how many upgrades and renovations you’ll need to make to get the best price or a faster sale.  Homeowners often have the question of whether they will recover home improvement costs at the sale of their home through an increase in … Continued

A Living in Boise Pros and Cons List Not to Miss

Are you curious about visiting Boise, Idaho, and not sure what it is like to live here? Or do you want to relocate but need to know if Boise is the right place for you? Look no further than this article! Visiting or relocating to a new place can be an exciting and terrifying thing … Continued
foreclosure process in Idaho

Foreclosure Process in Idaho Explained and How It Affects Selling

Has your lender sent you a notice of default for your Idaho home? Are you having trouble paying off your monthly mortgage payments? If so, you need a better understanding of the foreclosure process in Idaho. In the guide below, you will learn about an Idaho foreclosure and the foreclosure laws surrounding your difficulty paying … Continued

Idaho Foreclosure Timeline: Let’s Break It Down

Are you a homeowner who’s missed a few mortgage payments? Maybe you’ve received a notice of default and know your mortgage loan lender is pursuing a foreclosure. The idea of losing your home may be terrifying, but knowing the next steps can help. You may be able to stop or stall the foreclosure process or … Continued

A Guide to Idaho Foreclosure Law as a Homeowner

Are you a homeowner in Idaho having trouble paying off your mortgage loan or have missed payments? If so, you may risk foreclosure proceedings and losing your home. To find ways to avoid the credit problems of a foreclosure, you will first need to learn about Idaho foreclosure law.  Usually, the foreclosure process does not … Continued

3 Idaho Property Tax Laws That You Need to Know Before Selling

Are you interested in purchasing a home in Idaho or selling your Idaho house? If so, you will need to know all about Idaho property tax laws and how high your property tax bill will reach.  Property tax pays for numerous public services, from schools and local law enforcement to roads/highway construction and fire departments. … Continued

Idaho Property Tax Exemptions: What Are They?

Property taxes are probably a concern if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Idaho. Property taxes in Idaho are soaring as the value of homes continues to rise. That leads many to wonder about Idaho property tax exemptions. Luckily, there are exemption programs for property taxes in Idaho. If you qualify, these … Continued
A man calculating the property tax in Idaho for his house

Your Guide to Property Tax in Idaho (2022)

If you are in the process of purchasing or selling a home in Idaho, you should follow all legal requirements without fail. You’ll need to create budgets to outline all the costs associated with a real estate transaction, including the property tax. Therefore, you’ll need to understand the property tax in Idaho, county tax rates … Continued
cost to build a house in Idaho

The Average Cost to Build a House in ID

Are you having trouble finding your dream single-family home in the current Idaho housing market? If so, you should consider performing a new home construction and building your dream house instead. Yet, before you do so, you should find out the average cost to build a house in Idaho. Building a house in Idaho ranges … Continued
Cost of living in Boise Idaho

Cost of Living in Boise Idaho

The capital of Idaho and the county seat of Ada County, is one of the country’s fastest-growing towns, combining an extraordinarily low unemployment rate and a living cost that is comparable to the national average, plus convenience to some of the country’s most attractive recreational regions. Residents in Boise work in high-paying IT and corporate … Continued
Boise housing market statistics

Boise Housing Market Statistics

If you’re considering moving to or from Boise, Idaho, there are some housing market statistics you need to know. Boise’s real estate market is booming, making it difficult to buy and very lucrative to sell. Understanding the local real estate market trends ensures you’re prepared to navigate market difficulties before you make an offer or … Continued
Boise real estate market

Boise Housing Market Bubble?

If you want to buy a house in Boise, Idaho, studying current market patterns and looking ahead to the city’s future housing market can help you make an informed purchase decision. What have been the biggest real estate trends in Boise during the last year? Perhaps more crucially, how is the Boise housing market expected … Continued
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