Why You Should Work With Boise Home Investors

If you are thinking about selling your home, you more than likely thought of listing your house with a realtor to help you put your property on the market. But this process can be time-consuming and more expensive than you realize. Luckily it is not your only option. You could look into selling to a Boise home investor.

The perks of selling a home for cash to an investment company make it the best option for many people in various situations, but is it right for you? How do you determine if you should sell your home to an investor or list with a real estate agent? While we can not answer that question for you, considering the difference may help you to decide. 

Boise Home Investors And Why You Should Work With Them

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Selling a Home the Traditional Way

By putting your house on the market with a realtor, you may need to make some necessary improvements, investing money in renovations and repairs to spruce up the property’s curb appeal. Once you make the repairs and list your house, it may sit on the market for months. All while you still pay your mortgage, utilities, maintenance, and homeowners insurance. When you do get an offer, your potential buyer is unlikely to pay your full asking price. They are likely to ask for a home inspection or demand that you make further improvements or repairs. And after all this, the deal can still fall through if the buyer encounters loan approval issues. 

The Boise Home Investor Difference 

Selling your home for cash to a Boise investor is different. While there are pros and cons to selling to a home investor, the right real estate investment company could offer the solution you’re looking for, that is, if you want to sell quickly or sell a property with issues that could affect a traditional sale.

Below, we’ve listed 6 advantages of selling to an investor like Gem State Cash Offer. Looking over them and seeing how they can relate to your situation will help you decide if you should sell your house to a reputable investor or list it with an agent. 

  1. Speediness

Listing and selling a property with a real estate agent can be a time-consuming process. Your property may be marketed through advertising and open houses, with an average listing contract of 6 months. 

When you finally find a potential buyer, they will probably have to qualify for mortgage financing, which can create further delays or even cause the deal to fall through. Also, private buyers often make the sale contingent on your house passing an extensive inspection- which is not always assured, especially if you have a fixer-upper or an older home. 

The Gem State Cash Offer difference: 

Gem State Cash Offer is ready to buy with cash and close the deal right away. This can be a benefit, especially if you’re in a situation where you need to sell quickly. We present you with a free no-obligation cash offer for your home within 24 hours, and in many situations, sellers walk away with money in the bank only a few days later. 

  1. Putting More Money into Your House isn’t Necessary

If you are selling a house to a traditional buyer, odds are the future owner expects their new place to be in tip-top shape. You may find yourself paying to install a new roof, replace the flooring, paint inside and out, get better landscaping, and take care of countless other time-consuming and costly repairs that you would not have to worry about if you were to sell to a Bosie home investor. Worse still, you could spend precious cash with no guarantees that these updates will result in a sufficient price increase to recoup your investment. 

The Gem State Cash Offer difference:

Gem State Cash Offer will purchase your property in as-is condition, so you do not have to spend the money or time on renovations. If repairs are required, we adjust the purchase price appropriately and have them done after the sale is complete. 

  1. No Commissions

It makes sense that a real estate agent doesn’t work for free. When you list a house with a realtor, you will either pay a flat fee or, in most cases, owe a commission based on an agreed-upon percentage of the selling price- usually 6%. This would mean if you are selling a $250,000 property, your realtor stands to make $15,000 from the deal. And this percentage applies whether your agent goes to great lengths to sell your home on your behalf or appears to have little involvement. 

What about the for-sale-by-owner route? While you might be tempted to try and sell your house to an individual buyer on your own, this can be a complicated task. You would have to perform market research, create and apply a marketing strategy, check prospective buyers, and draw up a pretty scary stack of paperwork.

The Gem State Cash Offer difference :

We don’t charge any commissions and would save you the trouble of listing your home. Marketing isn’t necessary since we would be the ones purchasing your property. 

  1. Ability to Avoid Foreclosure

If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments and your lender is threatening to foreclose on your home, you are in an overwhelming situation. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate more favorable loan terms with your lender to ease the financial burden, and you will be able to keep the property. However, a loan modification may not be authorized, and by the time your lender comes to that decision, you will be even further behind on your mortgage, which in turn increases your risk of foreclosure. 

The Gem State Cash offer difference:

Selling your house to us could help you avoid foreclosure and give you the cash you need to move on. 

  1. Help with Inherited Property From House Investors 

If you have inherited a home and already have a house of your own, you might find yourself needing to sell. If the home remains unoccupied, it can be harder to insure and be susceptible to vandalism, theft, or damage due to lack of maintenance. This may result in depreciation and could make the property more difficult to sell when you’re ready. 

The Gem State Cash Offer difference: 

We can buy your house and even help arrange a way to clear out the place. Gem State Cash Offer can also help you navigate the legal process if you have inherited the property without a will and are working through lien, title, or tax issues. Read more about What to do with your unwanted inherited property in Boise.

  1. No Cleaning Necessary 

Traditional homebuyers want a house to be immaculate when they move in, meaning hours or even days of cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, scrubbing a home you won’t even live in. 

The Gem State Cash Offer difference:

When you sell your home to Gem State Cash Offer, we take care of all the nitty-gritty for you. Since we purchase the home as-is, you won’t have to lift a finger unless you want to. You will save time and money that you otherwise would pay to hire a cleaning service to do the dirty work. Simply take what you would like to keep and leave the rest for us to dispose of. Whether you are dealing with your own property or are confronted with sorting through a deceased loved one’s years of earthly possessions, we make selling your home easy.

What a Home Buyer Considers When Making a Cash Offer

While you are considering selling your house for cash to a home buyer, it is important to understand the elements they will consider when making a cash offer on your property. Below are a few factors that homebuyers look at to determine if your house is an attractive investment property.

  • Condition– One of the main perks of selling a house to an investor is the ability to sell your home as-is- no repairs or renovations required. As long as the house’s structure and foundation are sound, most Boise home investors won’t shy away from major repairs or renovations required to restore the house; however, the estimated cost of repairs will be considered in the cash offer received.
  • Location– The area of town your house is in will impact the offer you receive from a homebuyer. Well-established areas with good schools and communities can hold some value, making them attractive places to home investors. Still, those areas vary by city, and homebuyers are usually pretty willing to consider different areas of town.
  • Year built– Another factor home investors look at is the age of your home. Homes built after 1980 are desirable for homebuyers because they typically do not have the same electric wiring and plumbing problems seen in older homes. While older houses are desirable to many investors, you will probably get a higher offer on a property built after 1980 because there is less risk involved for the buyer. 
  • House size– House investors prefer three-four bedroom homes that are less than 3,000 square feet. Larger houses are more expensive to remodel and maintain, even with basic carpet and paint. Moderately sized houses also suit the needs of a majority of renters, making them popular for buyers who are going to hold on to the house as a rental property.
  • House history– Has your home had fire damage or storm damage that caused a leaky roof. With any damage, it’s hard to access everything that has been affected. Since a house investor is buying the house as-is, it will be their job to address these major issues and repairs. Usually, the offer you receive will have the cost of fixing these major problems built into the house’s price.

When Selling a House Quickly and For Cash, Expect to Sell at a Discounted Price

When working with home investors in Boise, you can save time and eliminate the hassle of making repairs to bring your house into a list-ready condition. With the convenience of selling fast, homeowners can expect to sell at a discounted rate when selling to investors. House buyers consider all of the above when making a cash offer and will factor in the cost of renovations, repairs, and risk into the proposal. Though you won’t be responsible for any closing costs or realtor commissions when selling your property to an investor, the buyer will cover these on their end, so these estimated fees will be factored into the offer the buyer makes on your house. 

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Get a Boise Home Investor to Buy Your House Now

Gem State Cash Offer is a local small family real estate business committed to working with integrity and excellence to find a solution for your real estate needs. Gem State Cash Offer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Northwest-Pacific and has received an A rating. If you’re interested in partnering with Gem State Cash Offer to buy your property, contact us to get a fast, fair cash offer today! For more information or home investor reviews, please visit their website. 


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