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Need to Sell Your Land in the Boise, Idaho Area?

We Buy All Kinds of Land and Lots in Boise and Throughout the Treasure Valley for Cash

Gem State Cash Offer Team

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need to sell my land fast” or “who buys vacant land in Boise?”

Gem State Cash Offer can help you! We are a serious vacant land buyer in southwest Idaho and specialize in Boise area properties. We often buy vacant land and lots and can pay in cash fast for a fair price. Whether there’s an existing house on the property, structures sitting in disrepair, or just an empty field, we can buy your lot for cash! 

We buy land and lots all over the Treasure Valley, from Ada County cities such as Boise, Meridian, and Eagle, west to Canyon County cities in and around Nampa and Caldwell. Gem State Cash Offer may even be able to help homeowners in the Twin Falls area and eastern Idaho around Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

So if you want to sell your unused or empty land, we’ll discuss your specific situation with you and make a no-obligation offer on your land or lot. We’ll provide you with our all-cash offer, but we can also discuss terms such as seller financing as we are open to creative solutions that make sense for everyone!

Gem State Cash Offer will make it simple and easy for you to sell your vacant land or lots in Boise and the Treasure Valley. We buy land directly from property owners and make it hassle-free. Click the button below to find out how easy it is to work with us.

Why pay thousands in commissions and fees?

five star google rating for Gem State Cash Offer

Instead of locking yourself into a long-term agent representation contract, why not request a FREE offer from Gem State Cash Offer to see how much we can pay for your Boise area lots or land. There are no commitments or hassles to get your offer. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Sell your Boise area land stress-free

We make selling your land in Boise simple and hassle-free.

easy home selling process

Easy sales process

Our three-step process eliminates the hassle and stress of selling your land.

no commissions or fees

No commissions or fees

Since we are buying your land, there are no real estate agent commissions or fees to work with us.

close on your schedule

Close on your schedule

We can close when you’re ready to sell; whether that’s a week or six months or a year or more!

Relieved the burden…”

After having my house on the market for months with no avail, Casey and his team at Gem State Cash Offer were able to help assist me and my family to relieve the burden of having a mortgage in and out of state. Their prompt response, willingness, and (very) reasonable offer demonstrated their professional business practices and provided the comfort needed to move forward. As an active duty member of the Armed Forces, utilizing this opportunity to quickly sell my home was a god-send. Once again, thank you Gem State Cash Offer!

5 star rating

– Kevin, Boise, ID

How Do I Sell My Land Fast In Boise?

Every situation is different and every lot or piece of land is unique. That’s why Gem State Cash Offer takes the time to understand your situation and figure out the best offer that makes sense for you and your needs. We have a simple three-step buying process for land or lots that allow us to make you a reasonable cash offer and then close when it makes sense for you. Here’s how it works:

a couple wanting to sell their land in Boise

Step 1

Call or request an offer online, it’s fast and easy

We will review the details of your land or lot and set up an appointment to talk with you further about it.

Gem State Cash Offer giving a couple an offer on their land

Step 2

We review the details of your lot or land and make you a FREE cash offer

We will give you the best cash offer we can possibly make and we’ll also explain how we arrived at it. This is a cash offer and there are no fees or commissions.

sold land in Boise Idaho

Step 3

Choose your closing date and sell on your schedule

Once we come to an agreement, we close on your schedule. Whether you want to close slow or fast, there’s no need for real estate agents or fees.

It was exactly what we needed…”

The process was quick, painless, and gave us plenty of time to find our next house. It was exactly what we needed to be able to get into a new house. Cyndi checked in often enough to make the process easy, but in a manner that didn’t make us feel pressured. Cyndi also helped match up the deadlines with purchasing our new house that most other companies would of just told us “Sorry, we can’t do that.” She definitely added the personal touch and it didn’t just feel like a one-sided business transaction, but a mutually beneficial deal.

5 star rating

– Darryl, Boise, ID

Already Working with an Agent or Broker?

If you are already working with or prefer to work with a real estate agent or broker for whatever reason, that’s your decision which we can easily accommodate.

Just let us know or have them contact us directly! We work with agents all the time, having built great relationships along the way.

Although our same process applies in that we don’t charge a commission, thus saving you thousands of dollars.

You would simply enter into your separate agreement with your agent or broker on what you agree to pay them for representation and he or she will be paid through Title and Escrow at closing. Very easy!

Reliable Boise Area Land and Lot Buyer

See what others are saying about working with Gem State Cash Offer!

Do you need to sell some land or lot and want to deal with a reputable land buyer? Gem State Cash Offer is a premier vacant land buyer in the Boise area.

We have purchased land in southern Idaho of all shapes and sizes. We can buy lots from as little as five-thousand square feet all the way up to 50+ acres. Whatever kind of “dirt” you’re looking to sell, we’re interested. It doesn’t matter if the land has specific zoning, topography, restrictions, or other issues. If you’re selling because the timing is right, we can help! Or we’ll be happy to deal with it if it’s just become a headache to you for whatever reason.

Why have other Idaho landowners sold their property to us? Well, it’s because we are upfront, honest, do what we say, and close on time! Not to mention, we can help landowners understand their available options so they can choose what is best for their situation. Gem State Cash Offer stands behind every single one of its offers.

Don’t just believe us, believe the reviews from happy sellers. The glowing testimonials from people we’ve worked with, an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a 5-star rating on Google Reviews all demonstrate our commitment to doing our very best for anyone who contacts us to sell their home, land, or lot.

Treating you fairly is our TOP priority, even if it means we never do business together. So if you are seriously selling or considering selling your property, contact us today!

Land We Have Purchased In Boise, Idaho

Gem State Cash Offer, ACTUALLY buys land in the Boise, Idaho area. Below are samples of lands and lots we recently bought.

Lot in Boise Veterans Park

Boise Veterans Park – The owner of this Boise lot in a Veterans Park neighborhood, who had a “For Sale” sign in the yard, approached us as we were working on a remodel just a couple houses down the street. Since she saw our work and finish, she was confident the house to be built would be tasteful and neighborhood appropriate. We discussed her goals, made an all-cash offer, and closed in just a couple weeks!

Acreage in Nampa Gem State Cash Offer bought

Nampa Acreage – We learned the owner of this 50-acre parcel in Nampa near Lake Lowell was ready to sell after he had subdivided another parcel over a decade earlier. We talked through the situation with him, came to an agreement, and completed the cash purchase in just a few weeks. Then the adjacent 70-acre parcel, where this picture was taken from, also became available and we purchased it – also cash – a few months later from its out-of-state owner, closing in just under a month.

Nampa Lot that Gem State Cash Offer bought

Nampa Lot – The owner of this lot in Nampa was looking to sell his interest in a city-approved project for a multifamily complex. Although he had already submitted his paperwork to zoning and planning and received preliminary approvals, he wasn’t in a position to complete the project. So we stepped in and got him paid so he could step away. His efforts to that point were very valuable and allowed us to quickly move forward. A true win-win!

Lot in Boise North End bought by Gem State Cash Offer

Boise North End – Knowing our ability to close quickly and hassle-free, an agent approached us with this opportunity Boise’s North End. The owner had remodeled the small house already on the original lot, then moved forward to split the lot. After some quick due diligence on the newly available vacant lot, we came up with a plan that would work for everybody and closed in two weeks. Now we’re ready to get to work.

What To Know When Selling Vacant Land In Boise

When you’re going to sell vacant land or lots, trying to determine its true market value can be hard. Land value can fluctuate based on market conditions, what you’re able to build on the land, trends in the area, and other factors. Not to mention you need to take a close look at Boise zoning and codes and consult with local officials to make sure you’ve got all the correct borders and markers in place. 

If you’ve considered developing the land on your own, you know that the expenses and time involved in pre-planning alone can be enormous. There’s so much that needs to be coordinated with local officials, government agencies, architects, and builders before you even get into actually building anything. There are a lot of expenses involved and the cost can quickly skyrocket, getting out of hand before you know it. 

To avoid all the time, hassle, and costs involved, you can sell your vacant land to Gem State Cash Offer and we’ll make you a fair cash offer for it and close quickly if that’s what you want or need to do. Let us deal with the financial situation and stresses that come with owning the land or empty lot. 

Some important things to note before selling your land in Boise:

  • Zoning is how a local government controls what kind of structures and buildings can be built. You’ll find information about zoning codes and conditions on the city of Boise website. Boise has 23 unique zoning districts, though most properties are classified as residential, office, commercial and industrial.
  • Boise City Code is a reference document that helps you understand all of the larger codes and laws within the city and how they can impact your land. 
  • The City of Boise uses a hybrid GIS (Geographic Information System) management model for mapping properties across the city. If you want to determine if your land is in the floodplain, where the nearest municipal services are, and more, check out this site.
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